Case of death,what now?

Step by step guidance

Death as a result of illness at home

Contact the attending doctor or the family doctor. If he isn’t available, contact the emergency-doctor on 1811 or 117 (police) and inform about the situation. Nothing can be done before the doctor’s death certificate.

In case of an accidental death

In any case of accident (traffic, work, domestic, etc.), please contact the police. The circumstances of the accident will be clarified and the police will inform the public health officer.

Death in hospital, clinic or asylum

The administration of the habitation provides the necessary forms and the death certificate will be drawn up.

Contact the funeral parlor

If it is possible, contact the funeral parlor personal by a relative of the deceased. The following documents must be brought to us:

1. Death certificate
2. Family register (for married)
3. Residence permit or permanent residence permit
4. Passport (for foreigners) and marriage certificate (if existing)
5. if need be, also receipt of documents, Identity card

Please notice that the passing of foreign nationals must be disclosed to the responsible consulate.

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